Advanced Automation

Wunderlich-Malec focuses on applying Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Cross-Industry Processes. Technologies are rapidly developing, WM has been at the forefront of applying and developing the future of automation. Our broad background provides insight into widely varied processes, best practices and automation platforms, standards and regulatory environments. Through the use of site audits, we uncover opportunities for quality improvement, waste reduction, additional capacity, and manufacturing process improvement. We provide value by providing actionable, justifiable, automation opportunities.

Our Advanced Automation Services:

  • Process Improvement Audits
  • Custom Manufactured Equipment
  • Robotic Cell Layout and Design Including 3D modeling
  • Robotic Cell Timing Diagrams and Throughput analysis.
  • Robotic Custom Tooling Design
  • Robotic Path Simulation
  • Robotic Programming and System Integration
  • Vision System Studies
  • Vision System Design and System Integration
  • Vision Lab including Vision Hardware and Software for Internal development and Validation of Custom Vision Solutions
  • Overall Control System Integration
  • Equipment Retrofit and Modernization
  • Automated Manufacturing
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Material Handling
  • Automated Warehousing
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • IIoT
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cloud Connected Data
  • Business Information System Integration
  • Industry 4.0 Implementation

Certified Cognex Vision System Integrator



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A combination of our …

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  • People that are empowered individuals, rewarded & motivated, knowledgeable with positive attitudes,

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