Automation Platform Technology Partners

We don’t favor one technology over the others; we recommend the one that meets the project requirements. That’s why manufacturers across industries depend on us as a systems integration partner for their platforms, from control systems to ERP systems and beyond.

Rockwell Solution Partner
Rockwell Automation
WME is nationally recognized system integrator for Rockwell Automation.

WME is recognized as a premier solution partner with GE’s intelligent platforms suite of products.

WME is a diamond level integrator partner.

A long time integrator for Iconics, WME is a gold certified system integrator.

WME is recognized as an OSIsoft partner.

Schneider Electric
Wunderlich-Malec is proud to be a certified alliance partner with Schneider Electric.

WME is a leading participant of Tatsoft’s partner program.

WME has multiple Wonderware certified locations and teams.

WME is a nationally certified Siemens Solution Partner.

Inductive Automation
WME is recognized as an Inductive Automation gold system integrator partner.