Low and High Pressure Hydraulic and Electric Valve Actuation

In Addition To Turbine Controls And Trip Systems, We Also Design And Manufacture Valve Actuators.

    • Our staff has been involved with the design, manufacture and installation of hundreds of turbine valve actuation retrofits.
    • Our engineering staff is versed in all aspects of actuator design and have worked with both the OEM and the end user on multiple projects and designs.
    • We will design an actuator for your application that is 100% built in the USA, using 100% US made components.
    • We will back our design with 24/7 support with the engineering staff that implements the project from conceptual drawings through turnkey installation and commissioning.
    • Our facility is in Loveland, CO and your main support will be the person, (people) who design, build and install your equipment.

Bottom Line, We Guarantee Results.

Case RMC Actuator