Rotating Equipment


Turbine Controls

Case RMC provides turnkey control solutions for all the products and systems we design and manufacture. From conceptual design → to installation → to startup, we incorporate ‘cradle-to-grave’ support … read more

Trip Block Systems

The Case RMC finally brings clarity to your Trip Block System Assemblies and gives you the ability to efficiently upgrade unreliable and outdated trip protection hardware … read more

Valve Actuation

In addition to turbine controls and trip systems, we also design and manufacture valve actuators. Our staff has been involved with the design, manufacture and installation of hundreds of industrial turbine valve actuation retrofits … read more

Hydro Solutions

Woodward Gateshaft Governor after Conversion

Case RMC, LLC can help you optimize your Hydro operation’s efficiency by providing a control system specifically tailored to your turbine governor’s needs. We source a wide range of diverse, purpose-built control solutions and applications … read more