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Wunderlich-Malec’s Tim Nichols Interview About SAME

| November 4, 2021

For the past 20 years, Tim Nichols has been involved with Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). We recently sat down with Tim to ask him about SAME, his involvement, and help bring awareness to the SAME organization. Tim Nichols leads Wunderlich-Malec’s Civil, Mechanical, Structural, and Architecture group in Newmarket, NH.

Wunderlich-Malec’s Newmarket, NH Office

What is SAME?

SAME was founded in 1920 to promote collaboration between the consulting A/E/C community and the military. Today, SAME remains focused on supporting our nation’s critical missions from homeland security to sustainable and reliable infrastructure. With over 30,000 members and 100 regional posts nationwide, SAME is an active and engaging A/E/C community.

How do they help technically-minded and technically-trained veterans?

SAME is a great venue for transitioning veterans who want to learn about A/E/C opportunities, network, and find job opportunities with numerous firms.

Are you a veteran yourself? What branch?

I am a U.S. Coast Guard veteran (many years ago). I enlisted at 18 years old and the military gave me the discipline and exposure to engineering that inspired me to return to college after my discharge and earn my civil engineering degree.

Can anyone be part of SAME?

Yes, SAME membership is open to everyone in the A/E/C industry. There are many opportunities for involvement and participation at the post and national levels.

Why did you decide to be involved with SAME?

I was encouraged to participate in SAME events by my managers early in my career. After a project report was selected for presentation at the national Small Business Conference (SBC), my firm paid for me to attend the conference in Seattle. This great event changed my perspective of the federal A/E/C industry and I realized the expansive learning and networking opportunities within a community that aligned with my interests and professional development path.

How are you involved, what does it entail?

I have been involved with several SAME posts over the past 20-years. My participation has ranged from event attendance to volunteer post positions. I attend many post and national events including the JETC and SBC. Level of involvement really depends on individual interest.

Do you have any SAME events coming up?

WM is exhibiting at the 2021 Small Business Conference (SBC) in Atlanta Nov. 15-19. Come visit us to learn more about our services and current openings on our team.

About WM’s Newmarket, NH Business Unit:

Tim Nichols leads Wunderlich-Malec’s Civil, Mechanical, Structural, and Architecture group in Newmarket, NH. Formerly AECm, this group was founded in 2007 and joined WM in February 2020 to expand services and markets. Tim’s group provides multi-discipline architecture and engineering solutions for government, DoD, municipal, schools, and commercial clients.

Wunderlich-Malec’s Newmarket, NH Office
Wunderlich-Malec’s Newmarket, NH Office

With expertise in building diagnostics and performance evaluations, services include:

  • Planning, design, and construction management of new high-performance facilities that incorporate high-efficiency systems (HVAC, envelope, lighting) and renewable energy systems.
  • Low impact Site Design and Civil infrastructure assessment and modernization. Restoration and adaptive re-use of historic buildings and redevelopment of Brownfield sites.

To learn more about Wunderlich-Malec’s solutions, please contact us.