Wunderlich-Malec: Taking Stock

Wunderlich-Malec Wins AVEVA System Integrator Award

| December 2, 2019

Wunderlich-Malec won the 2019 AVEVA System Integrator Award. The award was presented at the AVEVA World Conference North America in Orlando FL on 11/14/2019 by Steen Lomholt-Thomsen, AVEVA Chief Revenue Officer and Christine Harding, AVEVA Head of Americas Region.

Per Steen’s introduction to the award: “This is an important award for all of us because our partner network, and our ecosystem of partner Systems Integrators, is vital to our success in North America and around the globe. This is really a strong recognition of a System Integrator that has always demonstrated delivering incredible value to our customers through implementation and services.”

Steen went on to remark: “Wunderlich-Malec Engineering has more than 70 AVEVA-certified engineers across multiple sites in the USA. They have successfully integrated projects with AstraZeneca and many other infrastructure customers. They are a fantastic partner to AVEVA, and they always demonstrate outstanding collaboration and support of our customers.”

With offices throughout the US and over 400 professionals on our staff, Wunderlich-Malec Engineering is one of the largest and most well-established engineering companies in the United States, and we’ve successfully finished numerous projects for our US clients in many parts of the world. We’re confident that our qualified staff has the knowledge, experience, and talent to create and deliver the solutions you need for your facility process and operation needs.

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