Wunderlich-Malec: Taking Stock

WM and UNH Academia + Industry Collaboration

| April 23, 2021

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) Civil Engineering Department conducts lunch and learn presentations involving students and industry.  Through Wunderlich-Malec’s collaboration with the UNH engineering program, we were invited to present our experience with Historic Rehabilitation, Adaptive, Reuse, and High-Performance building retrofits on April 22, 2021.

Tyler Renz is a Civil Engineer and Connor Nolan, PE is a Mechanical Engineer with WME’s office in Newmarket, NH. As UNH alumni, Tyler and Connor co-presented several completed and active projects for commercial, municipal, and Federal/DoD facilities. They explained WM’s approach and the associated challenges from planning through construction.  They impressed the importance of preserving historic buildings, enhancing their performance, and improving sustainability in a holistic and cost-feasible approach.