Wunderlich-Malec: Taking Stock

Turnkey System Integration & Installation

| March 31, 2015

Case M&I, LLC provided turnkey system integration and installation for Turbine Control and Generator Protection Systems for a Siemens steam turbine-generator set. The purpose of this controls upgrade was to update the existing turbine and generator control and protection systems due to obsolescence of parts and service capabilities, and limitations related to acceptable performance during load upsets. CMI replaced the existing turbine mechanical hydraulic control / single loop controller system with a Woodward MicroNet™Plus based system, specifically designed for this unit. The new system is 100% on line testable and repairable. The valve control and trip system was upgraded with high pressure hydraulics. Features of the installed system included on-line test and on-line repair of all major components.


The turbine control electronic platform included:

  • Redundant Woodward MicroNet™Plus Based System
  • Controller pre-mounted on panels to be inserted in the existing site cabinets
  • Windows Based Engineering WorkStation
  • PCS7 based Operator WorkStation integration
  • New redundant PCS7 drop dedicated as interface to new subsystems
  • All turbine generator graphics presented on HMIs
  • CRT based OWS with hardwired control panel installed on the turbine deck


The hydraulic actuation system components included:

  • Redundant Hydraulic Power Unit with Accumulators
  • Valve Actuation Kits, (6 total including individual control of 4 modulating valves with redundant control)
  • Trip Block System (2-o-o-3 Turbine Trip System)
  • Thrust Kit (2-o-o-3 protection)
  • Speed Sensing Kit


The generator control and protection system components included:

  • Basler DECS-200N Voltage Regulator System (Redundant) in new free-standing cabinet
  • Voltage Regulator Control and Synchronization Panel
  • GE Multilin 750 Feeder Breaker Protection System
  • GE Multilin 489 Generator Breaker Protection
  • GE Multilin 489 Main Utility Breaker Section
  • Various manual controls switches & indicators


The new system provided on line test and repair capabilities with tighter control at speed, MW and pressure set points, improved unit protection with on-line repairable components, redundancy of the turbine control and trip system, availability of new technology spare parts and service, improved performance in operation and safety of equipment and personal and reliable ‘Island’ Operation.