Wunderlich-Malec: Taking Stock

Meet Gearoid O’ Sullivan: WM’s New Project Management Business Unit Manager

| July 6, 2022

Wunderlich-Malec is happy to welcome Business Unit Manager Gearoid O’Sullivan and announce the addition of his business unit. Dedicated to offering Project Management services, the focus of this group is to deliver Project Management excellence to our clients in the Life Sciences Sector. We caught up with Gearoid to talk about the path that led him to Wunderlich-Malec and where he sees himself taking this group. Gearoid is originally from Ireland and now calls Boston, MA his home.

Gearoid first became acquainted with the United States while he and his family visited NYC when he was 12 yours old. He says he was awestruck by the enormity & energy of Manhattan and it left an indelible mark. From then on, he wanted to live and work in the USA. He went onto college at 17 years old with his sights on his dream job of Lead Designer for a major car company. He had no idea how to get there, so, he figured, he would study Mechanical Engineering. Over two summers during his engineering studies, Gearoid got his first taste of the world of Life Science while employed as an intern at Astellas Pharmaceuticals. Then, after graduation from university, he landed a job with DPS Engineering as a scheduler for a contract at Intel. Working as a scheduler was a completely new experience and something clicked, he found himself really excelling in this role. After some time, he decided to apply for a Graduate J-1 Visa which gave him 12 Months in the US to work in his field of study.

The first five months weren’t easy. He recalls them as some of the most challenging months of his life. Because he was a citizen of Ireland, he needed to be employed by a company that would sponsor a work visa within a certain amount of time – after countless interviews, emails, phone calls…and countless rejections, he kept going. He was two weeks away from being sent back to Ireland when he finally got a position at his old employer DPS – US.

It’s been 8 years working at a few key clients as a consultant in Boston that allowed him to develop the network and reputation he has today, earning the trust of Wunderlich-Malec to build his own business unit. As he grew in his career his dreams changed and realizing the dream to become an entrepreneur outweighed the dream to become a car designer.

We asked Gearoid what his plans are for his Business Unit. “Year one, my goal is to build a core team of leaders who will propel the business unit’s success in the Boston Market. These people will help me win exciting Life Science Project Management projects, successfully completing them from concept through production runs. I am planning to grow the group to a total of six by September 2022. We’ve already grown by two professionals, and we are only less than two weeks old! We recently hired Nick Abraham as an Associate Project Manager.

I’m particularly excited about Nick because he has an excellent technical background, but further than that, his communication skills are expert. I anticipate he grows in his role quickly and won’t be an Associate for long.

I’m looking for leaders in the field of Project Management, Scheduling, Cost Management and Project Engineering who are interested in being a part of this exciting growth. The uncapped potential within the BU, and the support of corporate to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit is a really enticing combination.

Long term, like most other Business Unit Managers, I want my Business Unit to be the best. We plan to grow the Project Management Center of Excellence for the company starting with the industry that is the core of our services delivery – Life Sciences. As we expand our capabilities we expect to grow into more sectors, namely Medical Device, Semi-conductor, Sustainable Infrastructure, Power, and Food & Beverage.”

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