20 Reasons To Retrofit Turbine Controls On Large Utility Steam Turbines

  1. Upgrade is less costly than replacement.
  2. Forced outages attributable to existing controls.
  3. Projected Operation and Maintenance costs for existing system too high.
  4. Operational Improvements (integrating turbine information into plant DCS).
  5. Modernize and automate typical turbine functions being done manually.
  6. Typical problems with OEM – no spare parts and no support.
  7. Poor speed / load regulation from component wear. Refurbished parts no lasting with frequent repairs. Existing control functionality was no longer operational.
  8. Positions turbine for a deregulated market.
  9. Upgrading the turbine controls was a natural extension of upgrading other systems including boiler controls.
  10. Individual valve operation accomplished with the upgrade, allows for more flexible, profitable operation.
  11. Difficult to obtain spare parts from any source.
  12. Difficult to troubleshoot.
  13. New cycling operation requires new functionality and flexibility.
  14. Difficult to get parts from OEM, and when they’re available they are very expen- sive.
  15. Relying on 3rd party companies for maintenance.
  16. Part of the re-powering of the entire plant.
  17. Incorporate Automatic Starting and Loading.
  18. Automate throttle valve operation.
  19. Improve response to frequency deviations/system upsets.
  20. Ability to perform on line test and repair with newer control technologies.