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Wunderlich-Malec Environmental Information Systems meets your automated, real-time compliance needs in a simple, low-risk and cost-effective manner. When environmental, regulatory and operating conditions change, CirrusDAHS has the flexibility to expand and adapt. This is the automated emissions management solution that will help you achieve your sustainability goals through comprehensive environmental knowledge.

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Runs on Microsoft® OS-2016 and SQL-2017 Server database engine


CirrusDAHS captures compliance-related data in real time, incorporating water and waste permit requirements, and collects emissions data from Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS), and Continuous Parameter Monitoring Systems (CPMS) and other data sources.

CirrusDAHS™ Key Features & Benefits

  • Task Queue
  • New Recalculation Engine
  • Improved Source Editing
  • Direct integration with plant control system – DCS/PLC/OEM
  • High-speed data processing
  • Integrated real-time alarms
  • Standardized communication, data processing methodology, no downtime installation

For facility-wide compliance systems, WunderlichMalecEngineering will review your environmental permits and conduct a site visit to discuss compliance strategies, survey your existing data sources and network infrastructure, and identify manual data entry requirements. We will provide a requirements specification and schedule a full CirrusDAHS implementation.

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