Electrical Testing Group

The Electrical Testing Group (ETG) specializes in protection and control (P&C) programming, implementation and testing. Wunderlich-Malic engineers have expertise that focuses on generator plants and utility substations. Our implementation and testing capabilities span all technologies of P&C from electromechanical devices to fully automated IEC-61850 intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and systems.

  • SEL
  • Siemens
  • GE Multilin
  • Beckwith
  • Basler
  • Micom
  • Alstom
  • Schneider
  • ABB
  • And others

P&C Systems Testing:

  • Omicron and Doble relay test sets
  • RTS, Protection Suite and Protest testing softwares

Lead Commissioning Engineer (LCE) Services:

  • Development of outage/cutover plans coordinating with Project Lead for Transmission (PLT)
  • Resolve technical/design issues with client and design firm
  • Responsibility to ensure any circuit or equipment removals are completed
  • Receive, review, and file the final station copy of project drawings
  • Project documentation/drawing markup and control
  • Perform and document final in-service load checks
  • Review of functional testing and equipment testing
  • Provide an Energization Sequence Plan
  • Electric System Control Center (ESCC)
  • Test data review and management

Testing and Commissioning Services:

  • IEC61850 Testing and Commissioning
  • Protective Relay Testing
  • RTU/HMI System Integration
  • Power Line Carrier
  • End to End Satellite Testing
  • P&C Circuit Commissioning
  • Low/Medium Voltage Switchgear Testing
  • Primary Equipment Testing
  • SF6/Nitrogen Evacuation and Filling
  • Battery Bank/Charger Commissioning

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