Emission Data Acquisition & Handling System

PowerDAHS™ is designed to provide your company the ability to achieve required compliance reporting for 40CFR Parts 60 and 63 goals by simultaneously balancing plant environmental impact and production management objectives. Analyze operations from plant environmental data and real-time emissions, and quickly produce reports for district, state and federal compliance.

Sample Screens of Plant Overview, Database Editor and Reports from PowerDAHS™

The PowerDAHS Emission Data Acquisition & Handling System is an accurate, low-maintenance method of performing continuous emission data monitoring and reporting for all compliance types of emission units. It automatically calculates data in real-time, allowing environmental managers to monitor and report their continuous emissions and monitored parameter data in minutes. PowerDAHS also provides environmental managers with critical emissions information in a context that allows them to improve reporting flexibility.

PowerDAHS™ Key Features & Benefits

  • Leverage your existing technology investments
  • Integrate with your plant control system or historians
  • Hardware or virtual environments
  • Software maintenance packages for “future proofing” your system
  • DCS/PLC/OEM Controllers agnostic
  • Partner with a vendor that has environmental expertise since 1992
  • Customize configurations
  • Runs on Microsoft® OS-2016 and SQL-2017 Server database engine

For facility-wide compliance systems, Wunderlich-Malec Engineering will review your environmental permits and conduct a site visit to discuss compliance strategies, survey your existing data sources and network infrastructure, and identify manual data entry requirements. We will provide a requirements specification and schedule a full PowerDAHS implementation.

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