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We all have a unique definition of value which can change driven by current needs. That’s why VIP Services® and specifically VIP Tower were designed to be flexible, powerful, easy to use and expandable. All the engineering work is done for you so you can quickly start to receive value and benefits regardless of your current priorities or corporate objectives. From safety to optimization, compliance to process improvements or IoT to get the right data to the right person within the enterprise, our solutions enable your success. Here are a few examples of the value VIP Services and VIP Tower delivers:

No. VIP Services does not require changes to existing information / data. It only points to data within your existing islands of information and therefore delivers quick value.
No. VIP offers a low cost of entry because it utilizes the current investment of maintenance tools and database systems – VIP is the portal to the information.
Yes. VIP On-Demand gets the job done fast because there is no need to leave the site. This provides faster troubleshooting and repair.
The VIP Services tools are simple to use because they use everyday common technology. A 5 minute tutorial is provided and depending on the technical experience of the technician and features provided with VIP Services, the training can be achieved in less than an hour or less than a day.
Yes, VIP Services On Demand uses the technicians tablet to provide visual display of the problem to a subject matter expert located anywhere with Internet access. The subject mater expert can then communicate visually and verbally with the field technician to resolve the problem faster and more efficiently.
Yes. VIP WorkOrder documents PM efforts and displays relevant collected data, digitized maintenance documents provide an audit trail reducing cost.
VIP Services focuses on improving efficiency by increasing productivity and automating and documenting work by putting the right information in the right hands at the right time for the right work.

As you undertake your digital transformation, the change will be experienced in your work force, work processes and work efficiency. Our Pledge, Process and People are equipped to help you through the transformation to prepare you for today and for the future.

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