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Product Features:

  • VIP On-Demand – Core product for scanning a VIP QR TAG displays:
    • Schematics, Manual, P&ID – PDF format.
    • URL Links to web pages & Specific Video Content
    • Email and phone links – to critical resources
  • VIP RealTime – This module displays relevant live process data or alarm info related to a designated VIP QR TAG.
    • RealTime can present SCADA info or Historical data and alarms via an HTML web link format.
  • VIP WorkOrder – This module automates your PM process. Execute and document your procedures by digital interaction through the VIP tablet.
    • Reports can be exported to .csv files so user can trend and analyze PM conditions proactively
  • VIP RedLine – This module is a Document Management tool that allows users to “RedLine” or Modify Drawings.
    • Once modified via RedLine, the system will only use the latest modified drawing.
    • RedLine also stores all modifications and provided historical changes for user review.
  • VIP Capture – This module is an automated process for importing 3rd party images and files into the VIP Server Database.
    • The user links data or images to the desired VIP QR Tag with his devices i.e. tablet, glasses, etc.
    • Allows multiple file formats to be integrated into VIP database – allowing information gathering, and historical analysis.

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