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Wunderlich-Malec Engineering and OSIsoft Launch VIP Tower Solution to Power Internet of Things at Industrial Edge

| December 11, 2017

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. and SAN LEANDRO, Calif. – December 12, 2017Wunderlich-Malec Engineering (WM) and OSIsoft LLC, today announced VIP Tower, an Internet of Things (IoT) gateway solution for the industrial and utility markets.

The VIP Tower is a software bundle that combines OSIsoft’s PI System with high-end engineering company WM’s VIP Services software tool to create an industrial QR code that allows employees at any location – plant floors, pipelines, dams and other remote locations – complete access to maintenance records, compliance documents and near real-time data at any point while onsite for specific assets.

The combined software tool is standardized on an HPE GL20 Industrial Gateway so it is accessible from even the most remote locations and can easily connect with multiple analytical software packages. Arrow Electronics, a global technology-solutions provider will provide custom assembly, packaging and go-to-market services for the VIP Tower solution.

The Industrial Internet of Things is expected to add nearly $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030, according to Accenture. Workers with subject-matter expertise who support local operations, however, are retiring at an accelerated pace that far surpasses the rate at which new employees are hired. This, in turn, creates a major knowledge gap around how to best maintain industrial assets. With VIP Tower, WM and OSIsoft directly address some of the most critical issues facing the global industry today, enabling a clear path for digital transformation and condition-based maintenance for industrial assets.

The VIP Tower enables industrial workers to make real-time decisions related to maintenance, compliance and other factors at the edge, connecting previously unconnected assets to boost operational visibility. Potential uses for VIP Tower include, but are not necessarily limited to, energy plants, water municipalities, remote pumps and pipelines. VIP Tower improves local process efficiency, asset lifecycle management and service quality.

One of the most widely used technologies for IIoT, OSIsoft’s PI System captures high-fidelity data from sensors, manufacturing equipment and other devices and transforms it into rich, real-time insights that organizations use to reduce costs and dramatically improve worker productivity.

“The key to effective long-term support of industrial infrastructure is for organizations to implement a paperless or digital transformation initiative,” said Neal Wunderlich, President of Wunderlich Malec Engineering. “By leveraging the power of the OSIsoft PI System and integrating it with our VIP Services, we are confident that this combined approach will not only improve daily plant operations, but also help bridge the knowledge gap by providing young engineers and technicians with productive digital tools for their industrial environments.”

“Too many organizations across many industries today use legacy systems and work with outdated or inefficient processes that don’t leverage the capabilities of 21st-century technology. VIP Tower digitizes worker knowledge and enables the digital transformation of industrial assets at the industrial edge,” said Aaron Pratt, Global IoT Channels at OSIsoft. “In collaborating with WM, we’ve built a solution that makes critical data, documents and analytics easily accessible – from the C-Suite to an employee working on the production line maintaining machinery – and allows anyone to quickly add content such as video to the database, while maintaining full compliance with industry-specific federal mandates.”

“We are excited to see a market solution that is targeted to a real business need and delivers robust functionality for processing data at the edge while harnessing the capability of the HPE GL20 gateway,” said Christine Frank, Worldwide Director of IoT at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

In developing the solution, WM and OSIsoft have also partnered with V5 Systems to integrate its V5 Portable Edge Computing Unit (PECU), a computing platform for collecting, analyzing and sharing sensor data in any outdoor area, free from the electrical grid. In remote locations, VIP Tower uses a solar panel and DC battery backup for high availability and reliability at the edge. Combining WM’s VIP Services solution and OSIsoft’s PI System with this solar-powered platform means employees can deploy the solution to access, read and contribute to the database with locally delivered independent power.

“The self-powered V5 PECU paired with WM and OSIsoft is an exceptional example of a market-ready Industrial IoT solution. The VIP Tower delivers a rapid return on investment for connecting unconnected assets in the industrial outdoor space without ever tapping into fixed power or communications,” said Mike Grosswald, VP Global Partnerships at V5 Systems.

“Working with Arrow Electronics was an easy decision for WM because we want to ensure a successful product launch and go-to-market strategy,” said Joel Gil, VIP Services Business Manager at WM. “Not only does Arrow provide custom assembly and packaging, but it backs it up with the customer support, quality assurance and available financing necessary to easily promote and purchase our VIP product.”

By creating this ecosystem around VIP Tower, WM and OSIsoft have ensured that VIP Tower provides a comprehensive bundled solution. Organizations in industries such as water and utilities will be able easily and efficiently to meet recent federal mandates around independent monitoring for substations, solving a leading problem the industrial space faces as it embraces digital throughout its operations.

VIP Tower is available immediately. To learn more about the solution, please visit: www.wmvipservices.com

About Wunderlich-Malec

Wunderlich-Malec provides advanced Engineering solutions for a variety of industries across the globe. Since 1981, Wunderlich-Malec has excelled in deploying total solutions to improve business operations for its clients. The key to Wunderlich-Malec’s success and rapid growth is its flexibility and depth of talent. By providing custom solutions with the support of industry experts, Wunderlich-Malec is able to successfully execute a wide range of engineering projects.

About OSIsoft

OSIsoft is dedicated to helping people transform their world through data. Our PI System captures operational data from sensors, manufacturing equipment and other devices and turns it into rich, real-time insights to reduce costs, make critical business decisions and enhance products. Over 1,000 leading utilities, 95 percent of the largest oil and gas companies and more than 65 percent of the Fortune 500 industrial companies rely on the PI System to manage their businesses. Worldwide, PI System manage over 1.5 billion sensor-based data streams. To learn more, please visit www.osisoft.com.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an industry leading Technology Company that enables customers to go further, faster. With the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio, spanning the cloud to the data center to workplace applications, our technology and services help customers around the world make IT more efficient, more productive and more secure.

About V5 Systems Inc.

V5 Systems is a California-based technology company that provides leading-edge portable, wireless, self-powered outdoor computing and security solutions for Industrial IoT applications. They deliver turnkey video surveillance and gunshot detection solutions that can be deployed in under 30 minutes while the computing platform itself can act as a host for third party hardware and software integration. These solutions utilize a proprietary power management system paired with bullet resistant solar panels which eliminate the need for fixed power and hard-wired communications. V5 Systems develops and optimizes all software and AI analytics to run at the edge, which is instrumental to delivering real-time information to its users. Working with state, local government, education and private enterprises V5 Systems is delivering the next generation of Industrial IoT computing and security solutions to the outdoors.

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