High Speed Tissue Machine Control System Upgrade

Year: 2013

The customers’ high-speed tissue machine was controlled by an older version of Siemens PCS7 running on outdated Microsoft 2000 OS. This posed a serious risk to the continuous operation of the plant due to the equipment and software being obsolete. The customer approached Wunderlich-Malec to review the control system and recommend a solution.


It was agreed to upgrade the hardware and software to the latest version eliminating the risk to the plant. The current system comprised of Siemens PCS7 V6.0 which controlled the web speed on the machine based on the feedback from a scanner that monitored the quality and thickness of the web. The interface to the scanner was via a Honeywell PKS DCS system and this interface also had to be upgraded.

WME leveraged our experience with PCS7 and Honeywell PKS to develop a strategy to minimize disruption to the plant. Siemens PCS7 was migrated from V6.0 to V7.0 then to V8.0 off site on new hardware. Extensive bench testing took place to ensure migration was successful. The changeover was implemented over a 6 hour shutdown without any issues.


The customer ended up with the latest version of software and hardware for their control system. The older version had some minor bugs and programming issues that were eliminated during the upgrade.


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