Almond Pasteurizer Control System Replacement

Year: 2017

The customer wanted to improve its almond pasteurizing production process by adding more flexibility to the system that the current system could not facilitate. The customer wanted to improve the recipe management, data logging and fault diagnostics. The current control system was a PC based system could not be modified to cater for the customer needs so WMENG worked with the customer to come up with an upgrade strategy going forward.


The system was poorly documented so WME had to reverse engineer the current system to develop a path forward. The customer was familiar with Siemens and leveraged local support from Wunderlich-Malec to help design and support the control system. It was agreed to replace the PC based control system with a Siemens S5-1512 PLC and Siemens WinCC SCADA system. WME worked with the customers engineering group to define requirements prior to design of system.

WME leveraged the enhanced features of Siemens TIA Portal to provide the solution the customer needed.


The customer was satisfied with the replacement of the PC based control system with a traditional and more robust PLC/SCADA solution that is more readily supported. The system provided the flexibility to improve production and enhanced data diagnostics to ensure system reliability and minimize downtime.


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